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Truck Parts for Mercedes‑Benz

TruckParts – Mercedes-Benz quality replacement parts for maximum safety.

TruckParts offers Mercedes-Benz quality with favourable terms. These parts developed for your older Mercedes-Benz truck have been developed, tested and approved according to strict Mercedes-Benz standards. This means that you can rely 100% on the usual Mercedes-Benz high safety standards.

Transport professionals know that reliability is the ultimate asset. This is why vehicles need regular maintenance and worn parts need to be replaced – especially if your older Mercedes-Benz truck has already been in service for several years.

Compatible solutions

Tailor-made, high-quality replacement parts for the older model series of Mercedes-Benz Actros truck (with V6 or V8 engines), Mercedes-Benz Axor or Mercedes-Benz Atego (up to and including Euro V).

Approved Mercedes-Benz quality, with attractive terms and conditions. Meet the strict Mercedes-Benz safety standards, which are far beyond legal requirements.

Optimal price-performance ratio, with up to two years warranty.

In older trucks, mileage is not measured in kilometres, but by how many times they’ve circled the earth.

No matter how reliable your older Actros (with V6 or V8 engines), Atego (up to and including Euro V) (up to and including Euro V) or Axor is in taking your business on the road – after a few years of use, cost weighs more against benefit, particularly when it comes to spare parts.

Mercedes TruckParts

TruckParts by Mercedes-Benz offers you exactly the right parts in this case: specified, tested and approved according to Mercedes-Benz standards.

This is why you can completely rely on the usual quality from Mercedes-Benz – at the best possible price and with a 12 or even a 24-month guarantee.

How is that possible? By using alternative materials and accepting compromises in terms of comfort, e.g. vibration tolerance and noise development – but never in terms of safety.

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