eStar Truck and Van

Your FUSO truck belongs on the road...

We'll keep your vehicle performing at its best - and on the road where it belongs. Regular service from highly-trained and experienced technicians will keep your FUSO Canter in peak condition - and from just £4 a day, our fixed-price, inflation-proof contracts make it easy to budget.

We also offer Managed Service Contracts so you can benefit from all the expertise and quality assurance you would expect from FUSO. Feel safe knowing that your parts, labour and lubricants for all routine servicing, as well as annual MOT preparation and test your Ministry inspections are all covered for the duration of your contract.

Up to 7 Years’ Service Contract (Complete)

Covers all of the repair and maintenance needs for your truck. The price is guaranteed, fixed and inflation proof for up to 8 years for complete peace of mind.

BestBasic Service Contract

When every penny counts but you can't afford to compromise, this is the answer. It covers all routine servicing, including parts, labour and lubricants, plus relevant inspections and MOT tests.

ExtendPlus and Extend Service Contracts

ExtendPlus and Extend Service Contracts allow the duration of the standard warranty to be extended either for the full vehicle (ExtendPlus), or just the driveline (Extend). They provide cover for mechanical, electronic and electrical components that form part of the UK vehicle’s standard specification that fail during the warranty period.
Zero Tolerance on Downtime.

Your complete peace of mind. A Complete Service Contract.

At FUSO, we have a Zero Tolerance attitude to Downtime. Service 24h gives you roadside assistance and recovery 24 hours a day and our Zero Tolerance on Downtime promise, *exclusive to Complete Service Contract customers*, also provides a free replacement vehicle if yours isn't fixed within 24 hours. No other manufacturer can offer this level of peace of mind.

Pay less for more peace of mind and a lot more cover.

It now costs as little as £60* a month to maintain your Canter with our Complete Service Contracts, which cover:

  • Parts, labour and lubricants for all routine servicing
  • Wear and tear repair and replacement of friction materials
  • Repair and replacement of mechanical and electric components**
  • Annual MOT preparation and test
  • Ministry inspections***
  • Proactive preventative maintenance at point of service
  • Service24h roadside assistance

Find out more: Request a Callback or call 0800 169 5799.

Zero Tolerance on Downtime

*£60 per month – based on Canter 3C13 covering up to 40,000kmpa over 36 months. £120 per month – based on 7C15 covering up to 25,000kmpa with six-weekly inspection cycle over 36 months. Prices are exclusive of VAT.
**Terms and conditions with details of exclusions are available from your local FUSO Dealer.
***Where applicable..