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Tracking to keep you moving

When do I need my wheels tracked?

  • Uneven or feathered tyre wear
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Dragging or pulling to one side
  • Audible distress turning corners

Tracking of wheel alignment helps ensure your vehicle operates efficiently, safely, and with minimal wear and tear on your tyres and other components. We recommend having your wheel alignment checked periodically, especially after hitting potholes, curbs, or any incident that may affect the alignment of your wheels.

How will tracking effect my vehicle?

Tyre Wear: Correct wheel alignment helps prevent uneven tyre wear. When wheels are misaligned, certain parts of the tires can wear down faster, leading to the need for premature tyre replacement.

Handling and Safety: Proper alignment ensures that the vehicle tracks straight and handles smoothly. Misaligned wheels can cause the vehicle to pull to one side or make steering more difficult, potentially affecting safety.

Fuel Efficiency: Proper wheel alignment can improve fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance. Misaligned wheels can cause extra drag on the tyres, which requires more power and, therefore, more fuel.

Suspension Health: Misalignment can put added stress on a vehicle's suspension components, potentially leading to premature wear and tear.

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