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Mercedes me

Productivity. Protection. Profit.

Mercedes Me. Manage your vans – and business – from your phone, laptop or tablet.

Your working day runs so much more efficiently when your vans are visible in real-time. With Mercedes Me you can pinpoint your vehicles on the map, so you can be confident your deliveries are running on time. You can also see each vehicle’s health with a click, so you deal with little problems before they become big ones and minimise downtime. And you can check if the doors are locked via your app in seconds, so you know everything’s safe and secure.

Which services are included?

The core Mercedes Me packages for our latest diesel vans offers:

  • Vehicle health monitoring - see the status of critical parts and get warnings on tyres, brake pads and engine coolant. Your Dealer will also receive alerts and help you plan ahead for maintenance to avoid downtime
  • Remote locking - check the doors from anywhere and give access to one of your team if they don’t have the keys
  • GPS location tracking - see the exact position of your van on the map. Ideal if you need the driver to fit in extra stops or deliveries, or take a different route
  • Emergency Calling - in the event of a severe accident, the van automatically calls the emergency services if the driver can’t respond
  • Breakdown and Accident Management - use yourc mobile App to summon MobiloVan 24hr roadside assistance.

Additional features for electric vehicles

With our eVito and eSprinters, you can also access:

  • Intelligent charge management - see the battery levels remotely, so there’s no need to go to the vehicle or call the driver to find out if a charge is necessary for the next morning or customer delivery
  • Remote pre-heating/pre-cooling - use the app to switch on the heater or air con and the vehicle will draw this from the mains, so it won’t deplete the battery
  • Find a charge point - the driver can use the app to find a charging point en route or nearby.

OK, how do I get started?

eStar can help answer any questions and activate Mercedes Me connect for you.