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Mercedes benz arocs tipper for sale 1
Robust, Reliable & Ready To Work.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Combining Power, Robustness and Efficiency in a unique way, The Arocs continues the 110 year old tradition of Mercedes-Benz construction industry vehicles and takes it into the future with innovative, future-oriented technology.

Mercedes benz arocs tipper for sale 2
Mercedes benz arocs tipper for sale 1
Mercedes Benz Acros Mirrorcam e Star 001

The Arocs Tipper: Highlights At A Glance.

Thanks to two cab widths: 2300mm or 2500mm and three cab lengths: S-cabs: 1700mm, M-cabs: 2000mm, L-cabs: 2300mm, offers excellent overall visibility and simple, precise handling in all typical construction-related applications

Ergonomically designed driver's workplace for enhanced driving comfort and ergonomics. New remote control key and convenience central locking system. MirrorCam for improved visibility and greater safety

Mercedes Benz Arocs e Star 001

Key Features

  • The new MirrorCam provides enhanced visibility and safety
  • Fast-acting air-controlled heating and ventilation system with residual heat utilisation, optional air conditioning, automatic climate control, hot-water auxiliary heating system and stationary air conditioning system. 6-cylinder in-line engines in four displacement classes spanning 18 output levels
  • Crawl function with integrated manoeuvring mode for simple moving off and precise manoeuvring
  • Spontaneous power delivery resulting from high torque even in the low rev range
  • A broad torque range reduces the number of shift operations and saves wear on clutch and transmission
  • Robust and durable steel suspension for high load capacity and resilience in heavy-duty construction site operations
  • 4-bellows air suspension for optimised driving dynamics and ride comfort in primarily road-based operations

At the heart of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs beats a range of high-torque, fuel efficient Euro VI engines from 240-630 hp, but power is nothing if you can’t get it to the ground. For that, a PowerShift 3 automated transmission is fitted as standard, as are differential locks for when going gets sticky. Power is not just about going though – Stopping power counts too, and with this in mind, a powerful engine brake as standard, plus a choice of disc or drum brakes – Electronically controlled of course bring proceedings to a halt in short order.

The Arocs offers something essential for the construction industry – the ability to carry out the hardest tasks, day in, day out – without missing a beat. Reliability has to be a given, and whether as a tipper, mixer or tractor unit, the Arocs provides durability in spades. From the fully galvanised cab to the flexible high strength frame, the design is tough. It’s not just the big things that are tough – details from the flexible cab steps to the rear lamp protectors show that the Arocs is designed not just to cope - but to excel under the toughest conditions.

The strength of the Arocs is not just physical, but financial too. A model of productivity from the exceptionally fuel efficient Euro VI engines to the sophisticated aerodynamics, the Arocs delivers more with less. Low chassis weights, extended maintenance intervals and a longer design life all contribute. In addition, the fitment of Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions help to reduce fuel consumption and improve cycle times, whilst FleetBoard EcoSupport offers driving tips to make the most of the vehicle – both as standard.

The Arocs can be tailored to your specific needs in many ways, with a freely selectable modular design. For example, we can offer a range of 14 cabs, medium or high ground clearance, a full range of wheelbases and overhangs, plus many wheel configurations from 4x2 to 8x8, making getting the right vehicle for your job faster and more cost-effective.

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