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Mercedes Benz FUSO Canter 001
Size of a 7.5t. Payload of a 10t.

FUSO Canter 8.55t Truck

The FUSO Canter 8.55t truck goes where its rivals daren’t. With the size of a 7.5t truck and the payload of a 10t truck, the Canter 8.55t blazes a trail that the competition daren’t follow. On wide open roads or on narrow paths, the next small thing in the 10t market outperforms the big boys.

FUSO Canter e Star

FUSO Canter 8.55t Short-haul Distribution

FUSO Canter 8.55t Truck tackles demanding tasks like construction, short-haul distribution and municipal work; all with a 6-tonne body and payload allowance.

The FUSO Canter range delivers fuel savings of up to 8% on its predecessors and comes with 24-hour support that’s never far away.

Now with more affordable parts, it’s better for business, it’s a win-win combination. This is the truck that steps out of the shadows of its bigger competitors and into a league of its own.

Transporting heavy loads has never been easier with this heavy duty truck, especially with agility and DUONIC® automated dual clutch transmission.

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