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The New Shape of Efficiency.

The New Actros L ProCabin.

With the revolutionary design of its cab, the new Actros L ensures improved aerodynamics. After all, every litre of diesel counts, especially on long drives. With the new Actros L, there is no reduction in comfort or safety - only in fuel consumption. A variety of features ensure a relaxed driving experience and the peace of mind that you’re always safe on the road.

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Nice and economical: the Actros L looks good – on the road and on your balance sheet.

This is due to the front end, which has been extended by 80 mm for significantly improved aerodynamics. Every detail of the new ProCabin has been designed to direct airflow around the vehicle with as little resistance as possible. The result is up to 3% reduction in fuel consumption. In conjunction with the economical third-generation OM 471 engine, which has already given an improvement of up to 4% on the second-generation OM 471 engine, it's the perfect choice for long drives.

When the lights come on, it becomes clear that the Actros L has been designed for efficiency and durability: all the vehicle’s lights feature LED technology. This improves visibility and with it, safety. The optional Matrix LED headlights in particular leave virtually no spot in the dark. The truck always looks dazzling – without dazzling oncoming traffic.

240131 2024 Actros L Pro Cabin Beauty Image RGB MBT10673


The Actros L impresses with a range of comfort features that will benefit you on long drives in particular. The new Multimedia Cockpit Interactive 2 is even easier to use thanks to voice control, new applications and improved connectivity. It also gives the user access to numerous digital services. By intelligently linking assistance systems, your work behind the wheel is made easier. And when you turn off the engine, you’ll be delighted with the cosy atmosphere, the bed with its full slatted frame and PremiumComfort mattress as standard, as well as the optional SoloStar Concept for cabs that has all the comfort qualities that count.

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In the Actros L, safety is the top priority. A range of safety assistance systems support you while you’re behind the wheel. The new Active Brake Assist 6 monitors 270 degrees of the vehicle’s surroundings and can now even recognise cyclists. Active Sideguard Assist 2 supports when making left turns and can initiate a braking manoeuvre in critical situations. These systems go above and beyond the legal requirements in some areas – after all, you are driving a Mercedes-Benz truck.

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We are committed to helping you keep your Actros L where it earns money: on the road. With customised service contracts, a Europe-wide workshop network with extremely high coverage and 24-hour support with Mercedes-Benz Trucks Service24h. Our comprehensive service package, Mercedes-Benz Trucks Complete, includes maintenance, inspections, repairs, replacement of wear parts and much more – all of that over the entire vehicle life cycle. When it comes to vehicle management, you have access to numerous digital services. In addition, Daimler Truck Financial Services offers customised financing services, both for your vehicle usage and vehicle ownership needs.


The Digital Service World

The My TruckPoint online customer portal from Mercedes-Benz Truck gives you an overview of your vehicles as well as access to the digital service world of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The free connectivity solution TruckLive connects your truck for more efficient maintenance management and dynamic route guidance. The premium telematics services from Fleetboard make managing your fleet even more efficient. And Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime supports you with the analysis of vehicle data to avoid predictable breakdowns and to better plan maintenance.

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