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eSprinter Wins Best Electric Van To Drive 2022

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Posted by: Caroline Burnell
Date: Mar 09 2022

eSprinter Wins Best Electric Van To Drive At The Van and Commercial Vehicle Awards 2022

With sharp handling, impressive refinement, and a truly brilliant regenerative braking system, the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter is a breeze to drive...

Mercedes-Benz has really mastered the finer points of driving an electric van with the eSprinter, giving it multiple driving modes and regenerative braking settings. That might sound like a simple thing, but the choice of settings makes you feel more involved in the driving process.

There are four levels of regenerative braking: two coasting modes, plus the choice of a small amount of power regeneration or a much larger level. If you plan ahead, they increase the vehicle’s range by clawing back power as you slow down or letting you freewheel without using energy.

The regular diesel-engined Sprinter is a well-balanced and comfortable van to drive, so it’s no surprise that in electric vehicle (EV) form the eSprinter outperforms the Renault Master E Tech and Maxus E Deliver 9 when it comes to refinement. It also beats them with its sharper, more direct handling, which is helped by its low-slung batteries.

So if you'd like to get behind the wheel of an electric eSprinter, just get in touch with us today to organise.

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